Aranis is a group that devotes its time to creating and performing new, adventurous music.

The music is filled with contrasts and opposing themes.
It's dark and light at the same time. It's beautiful and nasty, simple and complex. It has a personality of its own and nevertheless you can hear the influences from a multitude of different genres and styles. Never heard before and yet recognisable.

It is through the combination of these opposing themes and influences that emerges a contemporary and vibrant sort of music with a very unique character.

Aranis is composed of a core of six impassioned musicians. Depending on the project Aranis is working on, they call upon guest musicians to complete the sound. The main characteristics of their performances are a delicate and dynamic orchestration in which they constantly search for a fresh and lively rendition.

Liesbeth Lambrecht: violin, viola
Marjolein Cools: accordion
Stijn Denys: guitar
Jana Arns: transverse flute, voice
Pierre Chevalier: piano
Joris Vanvinckenroye: contrabass & composition

Aranis has released six full albums: Aranis I, Aranis II, Aranis III, Aranis IV, AranisV & ...Aranis VI! Next to that there have also been a vinyl album and a small side project CD (Hidden Soundscapes).

Aranis I: Acoustic Chamber Rock (2005)
From their debut album the Aranis style is immediately apparent. A diversity of musical genres and currents are combined into something entirely new.

Aranis II: Music For an imaginary film (2007)
The second Aranis album was logical follow-up to the first one. It confirms the very personal Aranis style and sound. The compositions and orchestrations have further evolved in delicacy and complexity.

Single: Hidden soundscapes (2007)
Some works that came out of a collaboration with flutist Toon Fret.

Vinylplaat (2008)
A selection of the best out of Aranis I and Aranis II

Aranis III: Songs from mirage (2009)
The third full CD of Aranis sounds totally different from earlier recordings. To the instrumental ensemble three female voices were added. This has only reinforced their adventurous music with more power and scope. The music has gained in intensity, sensitivity and dynamics. 'Songs from Mirage' is a musical journey without intermezzo's. It only ends when the last notes fade away. With guest musicians Els van Laethem, Anne Marie Honggokoessoemo, Herlinde Ghekiere (voices), Linde de Groof (violin), Els Vrints (piano)/ Ward De Vleeschhouwer (piano)

Aranis IV: RoqueForte (2010)
The basic Aranis line-up will became enriched with percussion. This gave the music a rough edge, but made it all the more beautiful. Dark melodies exchanged with threatening rythms, raw solo pieces contrast with enthralling improvisations.
With guest musicians David Kerman (percussion), Stefan Wellens (viola) en Pierre Chevalier (piano).

Aranis V: Made in Belgium (2012)

For the first time Aranis plays compositiosn of other related Belgian composers! Composers as Daniel Denis (UZ), Roger Trigaux (Present), Geert Waegeman (Cro Magnon), Dick Van der Harst, Wim Mertens, Jan Kycken (Louis Avenue), Joris Vanvinckenroye, Ward De Vleeschhouwer, Luc De Gezelle, Arne Van Dongen and Wouter Vandenabeele! Listen to some extracts on this site!!!

Aranis VI: Made in Belgium II (2014)

Aranis, year 2014: a Belgian band that brings something definitely off the beaten tracks! The second installment in their "Made in Belgium" series (aka MIB 2) is now on the road...and it's more captivating than a thriller! In it, a subtle blend of rejuvenated classical influences mix with (aming other things and with no specific order) a touch of drumless/ clarinetless Balkanic Klezmer- punk, a glimpse of 100% Brussels- deserts tango and a few improvised moments that manage to never really sound like "jazz"...No easy label comes to mind when it comes to describe Aranis' sound...and so its should be! A pretty unpredictable sextet...Classical? Jazz? Folk? Rock?...Well, a little bit of all this...That's what you'll taste in the Aranis pizza! So, why wouldn't you treat your ears and get a slice of it? With real chunks of Peter Vermeersch (FES), Koen Van Roy (Cro Magnon), Walter Hus (Maximalist!), Ananta Roosens (La sieste du dromadaire), Aurélie Dorzée (Aurélia) and many others...

Aranis VII: Smells like Aranis (release 2017)

Aranis became one of the innovators of new Belgian music in the last 14 years. Next season they once again change course. the point of departure this time will be the music of 'Nirvana'. At first sight Aranis doesn't have much in common with this cult band of the nineties, but if you look further you'll find a link! The musical spirit of the time in which the musicians of Aranis grew up and in which they live now is one of the most important underlying motives of their music. The theme of the original songs: anger, madness, boredom, depression,..., are brought together in a new and challenging programm. Aranis wouldn't be Aranis if this recognizable material wouldn't lead it's very own life. The result is confrontational and astonishing!  Do not expect covers, nor mellow classical arrangements, but expect a totally new interpretation and performance of Nirvana by Aranis! A musical adventure that makes one long for more!

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